What to Expect at Your Varicose Vein Appointment

Your first varicose vein visit here at the Scottsdale Medical Imaging Vein Clinic is a consultation. We listen to you describe what vein problems you may have, including duration and type of symptoms. In addition, we also perform a focused and detailed physical examination. Finally, we will describe and discuss what vein treatments are likely to help your individual situation, and go into detail about the expected benefits and any risks to those treatments.

Typically at your second visit SMIL will conduct a painless ultrasound examination of your legs performed by an experienced SMIL technologist. Your SMIL Vein Clinic physician will review the results of this diagnostic test with you during that same office visit and we will outline a treatment plan designed for just you.

All of the Scottsdale Medical Imaging Vein Clinic treatments are performed in our out-patient office. Ablation and phlebectomy treatments require only a local anesthetic and sometimes a mild safe sedative.

Varicose vein post-treatment follow-up visits are important and are scheduled for you to ensure the best short- and long-term results.

Call the SMIL Vein Clinic at (480) 425-4150 with any questions you may have regarding your appointment.

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Excellent staff...including check-in, intake and radiology!
, Apr 15, 2018
Always on time and courteous!
, Apr 6, 2018
Excellent Service, Very efficient and organized.
, Apr 5, 2018
no problems, on time, pleasant staff
, Oct 12, 2018
I had a wonderful experience at SMIL for my mammogram. Would highly recommend!
, Nov 23, 2017