Breast scans enable SMIL's radiologists to assess and diagnose various conditions such as tumors, abscesses, hematomas or cysts.

SMIL offers breast scan services in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Gilbert, Paradise Valley and Fountain Hills, Arizona.

SMIL offers the following breast scans:

Screening Mammograms - Mammography is the most effective screening tool used to look for breast cancer in most women.

3D Mammograms (Tomosynthesis) - Offered at our North Scottsdale, Central Scottsdale and Gilbert locations.

Diagnostic Mammograms - When extra views (images) of the breast are needed to clarify information from a screening mammogram.

Breast Ultrasound - Often used to examine certain breast changes that can't be clearly seen on a mammogram. Breast ultrasound is most often used along with a mammogram and is not a screening method for breast cancer.

Breast MRI Scans - MRI is helpful in finding abnormalities that are not visible with mammography or ultrasound. In general, MRI is used only in women at high risk for breast cancer.

Breast Biopsies

In addition to these services, SMIL offers interventional radiology and nuclear medicine services for breasts:

Interventional Radiology

Nuclear Medicine

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