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Patient Advocacy

Patient advocacy means that you have a choice and a voice in your personalized care.

SMIL is recognized as one of the leading radiology practices in the country. With the knowledge and expertise of fellowship-trained, sub-specialized radiologists. That means our physicians have thousands of hours of additional training in one imaging specialty. We deliver quality results that physicians rely on. Our entire staff, from scheduling, to front desk, to technologist and beyond; are dedicated to your safety and comfort for the best possible experience. In fact, 97% of SMIL patients rate their overall satisfaction with us as Good (4 stars) or Very Good (5 stars). And, we will accept your imaging order, even if it was not written for us.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you. See why our patients choose SMIL as their preferred imaging provider.


"I'm an athlete, and last season I had a scan done at [redacted] my doctor said he thought something was off about the results that came back. He called a radiologist at SMIL to have them take a second look and sure enough, the SMIL radiologist saw something else that caught their attention and they recommended a follow up. Since then, I've been going to SMIL any time I need a scan."


"It is always concerning to need medical imaging. Everyone at SMIL is always so very nice. I was very stressed because I didn't know what to expect from the test and I was in a lot of pain, and everyone in the back doing the testing was reassuring, kind, and responsive. They explained everything and treated my concerns as valid. SMIL employees always treat me with respect and kindness and I really appreciate it."


"I had an MRI scheduled and was nervous because I get claustrophobic! The entire staff helped me calm down and were totally understanding, they even explained about a different type of MRI that might be more suitable for me. The tech was great and it turned out to not be as bad as I thought it would. During the MRI, I would get updates from her on how things were going, what to expect, and an approximate timeframe. Because of them, I will only be getting my MRIs done at SMIL!"


"The technologist who helped my son with his CT scan was legitimately one of the nicest medical professionals I have met. Her warm and friendly personality really helped him deal with the scan as he was pretty nervous about it. Even in the waiting room they were so sweet, the entire staff was really great with him. I'll be coming to SMIL for anything my family needs"


"I was a nervous wreck going in for a follow up procedure after they found something concerning on my mammogram. The doctor there and the tech assisting her made me feel comfortable and calm, talked me through the process, and answered all of my questions. Then I sat down with a Breast Nurse Navigator who talked in depth with me about next steps, set up all of my specialist appointments for me, and just listened to me when I got emotional. Even though I am in new and scary territory I feel better knowing I have a dedicated guide who will be there to answer all of my questions and give me an idea of what to expect. She was wonderful, everyone at SMIL was wonderful, and I'm so glad I have them behind me for this."

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