Patient Instructions Following Ablation and Phlebectomy Procedures

When you leave our SMIL Medical Imaging Vein Clinic, you will have a dressing in place covered with compression hose. You will keep the dressing and hose on day and night for 3 days. The dressing must stay dry. Please cover the leg with a large plastic bag for showering, or take sponge baths.

After 3 days you may remove the compression hose and unwrap the underlying dressing. Under the wrap will be gauze pads which may also be removed. When the outer dressing is removed you may notice a significant amount of bruising, and this is to be expected. There will be steri-strips covering the small incisions where the vein was removed. These stay in place; do not remove them.

After the dressing has been removed, you may shower and wash your leg as normal. After several showers, the steri-strips will loosen and fall off on their own.

You are to continue wearing the compression hose during waking hours until 2 weeks after your procedure. You may remove the hose at bedtime. (In other words, 3 days wearing the hose and dressing constantly, then 11 days wearing just the hose during waking hours.)

You may have areas on your dressing where blood has soaked through. Some bleeding and oozing is normal. Do not be alarmed. If the bleeding continues and the dressing becomes soaked call our Vein Clinic. We will change the dressing at SMIL Vein Clinic if needed.

You may have some discomfort following your procedure. If you are having extreme discomfort or bleeding, notify the office immediately at (480) 425-4150 during regular business hours. With questions after hours, please call the radiology department of HonorHealth Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center at (480) 882-4766 and ask to speak with the SMIL interventional radiologist on call.

Our SMIL physicians recommend you continue to keep moving and maintain a normal level of activity during your recovery. Walking twice daily for 20 minutes is encouraged and promotes speedy healing. For several days after the procedure you may get some inflammation on the inner thigh. This inflammation is part of the process and to be expected. The discomfort is usually alleviated by taking ibuprofen 600 mg (three 200mg tablets) 3 times per day for a few days. Please take this medication with food and increase fluid intake. Walking will also help reduce the discomfort.

Avoid prolonged sitting or standing in the same place for the first week and elevate your legs at least 3 times a day for 5-10 minutes.

Normally you will be able to resume all your pre-procedure activities (including work) the following day, if necessary. However, some patients find it helpful to take a day or two off work.
Avoid strenuous exercise such as aerobics or running for 2 weeks. Walking and similar light exercise is fine and if you are already involved in a light exercise program we encourage you to continue.

Our SMIL Vein Clinic doctors will want to see you in the office 3-5 days after your treatment to take a look at the area. We will also arrange for an ultrasound examination at 1 month to recheck your leg. Bring your compression hose to all appointments.

Again, please call our SMIL Medical Imaging Vein Clinic at (480) 425-4150 if you have any questions.

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