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Varicose Veins Treatment


Before treatment begins, the SMIL Medical Imaging Vein Clinic will examine the affected areas with a Doppler Duplex Ultrasound Scan. With this diagnostic imaging, SMIL is able to “see” beneath the skin, create a map of the patient’s varicose veins and pinpoint where the vein valves are not working properly. A personalized treatment is then created which is targeted to the specific abnormal areas of each individual patient.

Advanced treatments have replaced a medical procedure widely known as vein stripping. Vein stripping was a surgical procedure which could have a prolonged recovery time and was often unsuccessful. New technology has virtually eliminated the need for surgical intervention and vein stripping. SMIL interventional radiologist physicians use minimally invasive techniques that allow for office based treatments with minimal discomfort and fast recovery time.

SMIL Medical Imaging offers the following office-based varicose vein treatment procedures:

Follow up SMIL ultrasound scans confirm closure of veins treated by each of these methods.

One frequent question is: “Why don’t we need the veins which are ablated or removed by these procedures?” Simply put, all of the veins treated are classified as superficial veins and not critically important. The body simply re-routes blood into the deep veins of the legs, and from there back to the heart.

The evaluation of potential venous disease in the legs starts with a simple visit here at the SMIL Medical Imaging Vein Clinic. If venous disease is thought to be present, then the next step is an evaluation using ultrasound imaging. A SMIL treatment plan is then developed and customized to the individual patient.

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