About the Scan- Neck MR Scan

SMIL’s radiologists perform neck MR scans. The neck MR scan does not use radiation and it allows superior images of soft tissue structures such as the neck. An MR unit is very similar in appearance to a CT or PET scanner.

A neck MRI scan helps differentiate normal from diseased neuronal tissue in the neck. The neck MRI scan allows SMIL’s radiologists to capture high resolution images to better see anatomic detail and identify subtle pathology. In addition to identifying features of tumors of neck, a neck MR scan is becoming increasingly useful in predicting the course of disease and gauging the effectiveness of a particular therapy.

A neck MRI scan allows SMIL’s radiologists to identify a variety of medical conditions in the neck, including:

Learn more about how to prepare for the neck scan in the Preparations for Neck MR Scan section.

Find out if a Neck MR scan is right for you in the Benefits and Risks of Neck MR Scan section.

For a downloadable/printable PDF about this exam with preparation instructions click here.

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