About the Scan – Cystogram

A cystogram is an x-ray exam performed by SMIL to examine the bladder. This test can be used in the diagnosis reflux, which is marked by a backing up of urine that should be exiting the body. Instead, it moves through the tubes that transport urine to the bladder and back towards the kidneys. Cystograms are also used to determine the shape of a patient’s bladder and its position, as well as to find damage from injuries, tumors and polyps.

During the cystogram, you will be reclined on an x-ray table. Next, your pubic area will be cleaned and the SMIL radiologist will place a catheter, a small thin tube, into the urethra, the opening from which urine exits the body. After the catheter is in place, your SMIL radiologist will use the catheter to fill your bladder with a solution, called a contrast agent, which is intended to make seeing the organs easier.

With the contrasting agent in place, the radiologist then begins to take x-rays using a fluoroscope, an x-ray unit that is attached to a monitor or television screen. After the radiologist has obtained the images, your catheter will be removed and to allow you to urinate. Additional x-rays may be taken to determine whether there is any contrasting agent left after the patient voided.

Usually, patients are not restricted from eating or drinking before a cystogram. However, they may be restricted from urinating right before the test. A cystogram isn’t usually painful, though the pressure of a bladder full of contrast agent can be uncomfortable to some.

Likewise, the insertion of the catheter can be uncomfortable. To help make it easier on the patient, some doctors may place a numbing agent around the urethra before inserting the catheter.

Learn how to prepare for the scan in the cystogram section.

Find out if this procedure is right for you in the benefits and risks of cystogram section.

For a downloadable/printable PDF about this exam with preparation instructions click here.

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Appt started on time. Technician was pleasant and professional.
, Dec 18, 2017
I have to have X-rays every time I see the doctor due to the injuries. And I go here because he can access these fries office. This time it was a much better experience. It seems though they aren’t all on theme page. I always request a Cd of the XRays and the X-ray tech gave nepme a green card and said give it to the receptionist, she’ll write you name on it and hold it al the counter so she remembers she is waiting for it.....I tell thee ratio it’s this, she takes a sticky note , writes my last name on it and places it on her desk which is floating in papers.....the card you take out there is bright green and about 5x8...if she’d kept that she could hand it it worked out....but why doesn’t the left hand know what the right hand is doing. And which one of them intend the X-Ray tech was the manager of the department......so
, Dec 5, 2017
The staff was so very kind and helpful! The X-ray room was rather small though. It was hard to get in with my knee scooter. But the tech was so kind to help me navigate and move things. Everyone was great!
, Mar 7, 2018
Very nice building. Welcoming and pleasant space and atmosphere. The appointment was fast and efficient.
, Feb 1, 2018
How lucky I am to have SMIL. The most professional, skilled and caring people on earth are always there for me. Tough MRI for elbow but they put me at ease and did everything possible for my comfort. Thanks again - you’re the best! Linda K. Helm
, Oct 15, 2018