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About the Scan – Heart and Vascular Cardiac MRI Scan

SMIL offers a heart and vascular cardiac MRI scan to evaluate the anatomy and function of the heart, valves, major vessels and surrounding structures. A heart and vascular cardiac MRI scan is noninvasive and helps SMIL’s radiologists diagnose medical conditions of the heart.

Cardiac MRI scans create pictures of the heart in motion as well as still pictures of the heart and blood vessels. This allows physicians to evaluate both structure and function.

A cardiac MRI scan helps SMIL’s radiologists to detect a variety of heart and blood vessel disorders such as tumors, infections and inflammatory conditions. A heart and vascular cardiac MRI scan can also detect and evaluate the effects of coronary artery disease such as limited blood flow to the heart muscle and scarring within the heart muscle after a heart attack. Heart and vascular cardiac MRI scanning can also assist in planning a patient’s treatment for cardiovascular disorders and monitor a patient’s progression over time.

Learn more about how to prepare for a cardiac MRI scan in the preparations for a heart and vascular cardiac MRI scan section.

Find out if a cardiac MRI scan is right for you in the benefits and risks of a heart and vascular cardiac MRI scan section.

For a downloadable/printable PDF about this exam with preparation instructions click here.

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