About the Scan – MR Enterography

MR enterography is a special type of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) performed by SMIL, that used along with a contrast material, will produce detailed images of the small intestine.

Physicians at SMIL use MR enterography to identify and locate the presence of and complications from Crohn's disease, inflammation of the small intestine, bleeding sources and vascular abnormalities, tumors, abscesses and fistulas, and bowel obstructions.

Prior to the procedure, you will be asked to drink several glasses of a water solution mixed with a contrast material. The fluid expands the small bowel so that abnormalities can be seen with better clarity.

You will then be positioned on the moveable examination table for the MR enterography exam. Supports and bolsters may be used to help you stay still and maintain the correct position during MR imaging.

Devices that contain coils capable of sending and receiving radio waves may be placed around or adjacent to the area of the body being studied.

If a contrast material is be used in the MRI exam, either the SMIL radiologist or technologist will insert an IV catheter into a vein in your hand. The solution will drip through the IV to prevent blockage of the IV catheter until the contrast material is injected.

You will be moved into the magnet of the MRI unit and the SMIL radiologist and technologist will leave the room while the MRI examination is performed.

When the examination is completed, you may be asked to wait until the technologist or radiologist checks the images in case additional images are needed. Your intravenous line will be removed.

A MR enterography exam might include multiple image runs some of which may last several minutes.

Learn how to prepare for the scan in the MR enterography preparations section.

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For a downloadable/printable PDF about this exam with preparation instructions click here.

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