Preparations – Abdomen MR Angiography

During the MR angiogram of your abdomen, you will be asked to wear a gown.

MR angiogram may require you to receive an injection of contrast into the vein of your arm. Your SMIL radiologist or technologist may ask if you have asthma or if you have allergies such as allergy to iodine or x-ray contrast material, to drugs, to food, or to the environment. However, the contrast material used for an MR exam, called gadolinium, does not contain iodine and is less likely to cause an allergic reaction than iodine containing contrast used for a CT scan.

Your SMIL radiologist should also know if you have any serious health problems and what surgeries you have undergone. Some conditions, such as severe kidney or liver disease may prevent you from receiving contrast material during an MR exam.

Women should always inform their SMIL radiologist or technologist if there is any possibility that they are pregnant. MR has been used for scanning patients since the 1980s with no reports of any ill effects on pregnant women or their babies. However, because the baby will be in a strong magnetic field, pregnant women should not have this exam unless the potential benefit from the MR exam is assumed to outweigh the potential risks. Pregnant women should not receive injections of contrast material.

If you are breastfeeding at the time of the exam, you should ask your doctor how to proceed.

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