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SMIL Research

SMIL Research participates in a wide array of research studies. A few of our studies are listed below. Please complete the form below if you would like to learn more or are interested in taking part in a research study.


Toray Industries has developed a sensitive new blood test that may identify genetic markers circulating in the blood that could identify women who are at high risk for having a breast cancer. This is a pilot study to determine if this blood test can be used to predict the risk of a breast biopsy being positive for breast cancer in women who have breast imaging suspicious for cancer and who have been referred for a breast biopsy. Participating in this study involves one blood draw within 30 days prior to breast biopsy, of about two teaspoons of blood. If interested or to learn more, please contact 480.425.4271.


The TMIST research study will follow women already planning to get screened routinely for breast cancer, to share data from their screening tests, and other possible follow-up data, with researchers so that they may analyze the information. The two standard mammography methods being compared in TMIST are three-dimensional (3D) tomosynthesis mammography and two-dimensional (2D) digital mammography. Researchers simply do not know at this time whether one method is better than the other at finding life-threatening breast cancers and the TMIST study hopes to answer this question. To learn more, please visit or contact 480.425.4191.


The STRIVE research study for women undergoing screening mammography (digital or tomosynthesis) to validate a blood test for detection of invasive breast cancer and other cancers. This multi-center stidy, sponsored by GRAIL aims to see if this blood test can detect breast cancer earlier than traditional screening methods. Current methods, while vastly improving early diagnosis, can lead to unnecessary invasive testing or missed cancers. GRAIL, Inc. is hoping the STRIVE research study can help detect breast cancer early, when it can be cured.

For more information, please visit, or contact the study team at or 480.425.5000.

For more information about other research studies at SMIL Research, please use this secure contact form.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at

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