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With school starting back, the days are going to get just a little more hectic. SMIL Medical Imaging is one place you can save time when you schedule that appointment you need directly online. You can even use your smart phone to your schedule your mammogram, MRI, CT, Ultrasound, or X-ray at the time and place that you choose - all you do next is arrive just a few minutes before your appointment and get checked in. Easy breezy! www.eSMIL.com

SMIL Medical Imaging Breast Nurse Navigators are available to breast patients in our care through any of SMIL's Breast Centers of Excellence. SMIL's nationally certified Breast Nurse Navigators are here to talk with you about any aspect of breast health from routine screenings to breast cancer treatments and options. We provide facts and emotional support; we do not offer opinions or make choices for you. We explain the advantages and disadvantages. Treatment advice and decision-making always stay with the patient, her physicians, and providers. We support those choices. To learn more, visit: www.eSMIL.com

According to a study published online July 9 in the Annals of Surgical Oncology: Early breast cancer screening = less extensive treatment "screening mammography is associated with decreased stage at diagnosis and receipt of less-extensive treatment," they wrote. "This was evident in all groups, including the 40-49-years age group, where controversy exists on whether screening is even necessary." To learn more, follow this link: www.eSMIL.com

Save yourself from "Scan-xiety" When you choose Sam Day Answers at SMIL Medical Imaging Breast Center of Excellence you can get all your results and recommendations right there and then by waiting 15 minutes to 30 minutes for your 2D or 3D mammogram results.


For men, the lifetime risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer is about 1 in 1,000... This ear in the U.S. there will be 2,550 new cases of invasive breast cancer in men and 480 deaths. Most breast cancers happen to men between ages 60 and 70 and symptoms are similar t o those in women (early signs are usually the appearance of a painless lump in the breast). Survival rates are about the same when diagnosed at the same stage of disease, but a big challenge is that men are often diagnosed at the same stage of the disease, but a big challenge is that men often diagnosed with advanced cancer probably because they are less likely to report symptoms. Click to read more: www.eSMIL.com

Every women is unique! We have different risk factors, different genetic makeups, different family histories. Working together with your primary care provider SMIL Medical Imaging physicians calculate your individual risk for breast cancer each time you get a mammogram. Click below for more information! www.eSMIL.com

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