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You are a Superhero! Early detection saves lives and creates survivors

Survivors change the lives of others in some cases, the lives of many.

"As survivors, there is no humpty dumpty moment when all the pieces of our lives will be put back together, but we can change our life focus from 'why me?' to what's next!" - Judy P.

"People tell me that I am making a difference and that I am changing their lives. Perhaps but more significantly, they are giving me so much more." -Bekah P.

"My prayer is that you are empowered from my story to live with the challenges in your life. Work out of your strengths as you serve others." - Brenda J.

"My experience with cancer has given me the insight and the strength to be real and present in my life and my business. That's my challenge to myself, and its my challenge to you too," -Tracy D.

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